The best thing about being a solopreneur is the freedom to listen to whatever I enjoy. It’s a perfect opportunity to discover new music without risking upsetting the office’s Radio 4 devotees.

Podcasts are the surprise media format of the last twenty years which have become a cultural phenomenon. While the choice of radio through digital means has increased, I dare to say that quality hasn’t.

However, podcasts are rocking the boat for spoken word broadcast. They take a macro focus on a specialist topic. It’s liberating for those with specialist interests to hear an expert discuss them publicly. It tells the listener ‘what you care about matters’ which national radio or television fails to do. 

In my pursuit of the perfect podcast, I searched for “York” in my app. After all, it is my favourite city. The York Creatives podcast was one of the few results. I felt as though I’d struck gold. 

The York Creatives podcast, hosted by filmmaker Ben Porter interviews someone from the creative industry every week. The city’s creative scene is tight-knit but wildly varied, and there’s always someone contributing something for the benefit of the public throughout the year. 

After listening to all the previous episodes, I contacted Ben to ask if there was a good way I could advertise the social events for graphic designers which I organise. Ben pointed me towards the Facebook group, and suggested that I appear on the podcast if I wanted to. 

In spite of my accent for newspaper journalism, I decided to go for it. It was a new experience and maybe it would help drum up some new work. 

There weren’t any practise questions. Ben gave me a few helpful tips for making a more professional recording, then we talked on camera for thirty minutes.  

While I was nervous, and I did fluff up towards the end, I’m pleased I participated in the podcast. I can say I’ve done it. A few weeks later a client emailed me to say “I listened to you in a podcast, you came across really well”. In a career where saying the wrong thing can lose a job instantly, that was really encouraging. 

Do subscribe to the York Creatives. You are definitely going to learn something new every week and meet a new person who is contributing to York’s artistic economy. 

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