Abell Design is a creative design service by Grace Abell. Grace has six years of design industry experience. She works with everyone in the environmental sector, from domestic gardeners to renewable energy suppliers to wildlife trusts and sustainable transport advocates. 

Grace walks the talk. She believes that if her clients are working hard to look after our planet, her business shouldn’t be a break in the chain. That’s why she has ten commitments to treat the world around her as ethically as possible. 

Her design approach is customer-focused. She sees through the eyes of a potential customer, then designs to fulfil the needs of the business with the expectation of the audience. 

If you’d like to become more familiar with Grace’s qualifications and experience, add her on LinkedIn. 

Now it’s your turn to introduce yourself. Fill in the form below, email grace@abelldesign.co.uk or call her on 07719796949.