Grace Abell is…

Qualified: BA (Hons) Graphic Design, University of Cumbria.

Experienced: Seven continuous years of professional experience.

Versatile: From branding to packaging and from editorial to web, Grace has a solid portfolio of projects.

Client focused: You will never wait long for a response to your email.

Transparent: You will receive a quote prior to the start of your project, and will be involved in every step of the journey.


Who does Grace work with?

Grace works with everyone from entrepreneurs at the beginning of growing their business to time-proven institutions. Her client list has a slant towards broadly environmental organisations, including horticulture, renewable energy, sustainable transport and wildlife conservation. Grace is excited to work with all types of businesses, including those which don’t have a strong green purpose.


Where does Grace work?

The majority of work is done in her York city-centre office. Occasionally, clients prefer Grace to work on location, which she is happy to travel for, whether that is locally or internationally.


Contact Grace

Email or call her on 07719796949. You’re also welcome to connect with Grace on LinkedIn.

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