Logo Design for Transport Consultant

  • Transport expert Beate Kubitz needed a logo design to use on her website and stationery. Beate worked with York graphic designer Grace Abell to create her personal branding.

    A marque using the client’s initials emphasised the individual, while the interlocking monogram references transport systems. This is an understated, sophisticated logo which is fit for purpose online and in professional documents. This logo scales beautifully and can be read as a small icon, or can be paired with the text in a customised version of Futura for full impact.

    “I was really impressed by the way Grace quickly understood my work and developed a beautifully simple and elegant branding solution to reflect it. We set a schedule and she kept to it perfectly. The logo Grace developed has helped draw the elements of my business together under one brand and adds gravitas to the website and my business cards.”

    — Beate Kubitz


    Grace Abell is a brand and communications designer in York, UK. Look at the rest of her portfolio here, and contact her at grace@abelldesign.co.uk.

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