Case Study

Logo Design for ACE Ethical Coffee Standard

Fair trade coffee growers Agri Evolve set the highest of ethical standards for their farmers and for the environment. They worked with York graphic designer Abell Design to create an elegant logo which displayed their values beautifully.

The creation of ACE (Agriculture, Community and Environment) was a framework to enable this. ACE Required branding which would function as well with farmers in rural Uganda as it does with coffee roasters in the UK.

Designing for a Ugandan audience required different considerations to a British one. Firstly, any logos which are to be used in a rural setting must be easily hand painted on wooden signage. While English is spoken by some Ugandans, the word ace isn't a familiar term, so the emphasis had to be an acronym, rather than a word.

As ACE is connected with Agri Evolve, much of the brand design had to share some of Agri Evolve's visual traits, therefore the use of green and the typeface Geometria was retained.

This logo design incorporates an ear of wheat (agriculture) with a hand (community). The environmental ethos is represented by use of the colour green.

This logo relies heavily on geometry, delicate use of line and negative space to create a beautiful logo which delivers a complex message instantly.