What is Business-First Design?

Since founding my design studio in 2015, I’ve called myself a business-first designer. It’s a term I coined to describe how I design. Here I’ll explain why I do this.

There are millions of graphic designers, all of whom have their own unique style. By saying I work for businesses, this means I don’t work for individuals. I personally don’t design wedding invitations, birthday cards or hobbyist items. This is firstly because it wouldn’t offer me job satisfaction, and secondly because the economics of it means I’d have to spend more time marketing my product than I would designing it.

I believe the raison de être of design is for communication. The measure of a design’s success is if it’s appropriate and functions effectively. This means I design magazines and brochures which are easy to read, and logos which carry a lot of meaning. By making my work perform well, it has greater value to both my client and the end-user. Elegant logos which don’t communicate specifically a company’s offering and values are easily copyable and don’t resonate with their audience.

Great design generates profit. Companies need to become recognisable by their consumer.  Investing in the best designer means a powerful brand will make money for years afterwards – far greater than the initial investment made.

Abell Design is a brand and digital design studio in York. Creating beautiful brands for ambitious organisations. Say hello at studio@abelldesign.co.uk