When is the right time to rebrand?

Rebranding can be a business move filled with risks. Here are some points to consider when it comes to picking the right time.

How do you choose your clothes? Do you reach for the closest item in your wardrobe, or rummage through for the perfect item, for the person you want to be that day? Will a tie be needed for a meeting with a fellow CEO? Does a designer watch make you feel more professional? Do your trainers make you feel like you can run the world?

These outfits will make you look and feel different, and they will change how people perceive you.

This is exactly why branding is important. It is apparel for your business. Your company will be presented to your customers wearing its smartest outfit. You have the power to control how your ideal client perceives you through the power of graphic design.

Returning to the clothing analogy; are you wearing all the same clothes you wore ten years ago? It’s unlikely. Your favourite pieces will wear out, your gym sessions have paid off and you're feeling trim, or your responsibilities have altered. Your business has had a record year. Perhaps you’ve just been promoted and want to wear clothes you feel confident in.

When you are a few years into your business journey, you won’t be in the same position you were when you started. Your skills have improved, you have learned who your audience is, and your logo doesn’t represent you any longer. Undergoing a rebrand is a key way of presenting yourself in the best light, so you can attract your perfect customer and command the income you’re worth.

When you’re looking for a new outfit, you know a handful of shops you can rely on. They make clothes which fit your lifestyle, size and age group. Finding a branding designer is just like that. There’s fun to be had to browse the websites of graphic designers. You’ll be able to identify the style you want. Abell Design creates elegant, geometric logos which have a strong corporate style. Other designers are more feminine, or illustration-based, which might be preferred by different types of business.

Great branding which is personal to your business takes time to get right. When you hire a designer, you aren’t buying a logo, but years of experience, training, specialist software and business acumen. Ask for a personalised quote and if you have a budget in mind, be open about it. A brand to be proud of will make you money, you’ll feel great about your business and enable you to achieve greater success.

Abell Design is a brand and digital design studio in York. Creating beautiful brands for ambitious organisations. Say hello at studio@abelldesign.co.uk