Case Study

Logo and Website Design for International Consultants

International business negotiators Encanto Consulting required a logo which would function as well in Asia as it would in York. Abell Design was excited to put her knowledge of Arabic calligraphy into practice.

Encanto means charm in Spanish, so the logo had to impress. While many different concepts were explored, including diamonds and wordmarks, a lowercase EC monogram was the clear winner. Grace Abell had some prior knowledge of writing Arabic calligraphy, therefore applied bezels and symmetry found in Arabic art.

The design of this logo started as fineliner on plain paper. Once a concept was decided upon, it was redrawn using long-nibbed brushes and chizel-tipped pens. By contrast, mechanical pencils, rulers and compass on isometric paper created a clinical feeling. Organic and geometric forms experimented with until a balance of weight, negative space and movement was perfected. Only after a design was complete on paper, would it be redrawn digitally using Adobe Illustrator.